MoMark Rewards Ė Loyalty Program thatís
light years ahead

Mobile is the fastest evolving medium today. A presence here is not just a formality, it is immensely profitable too. It is a well proven fact that customers shy away from filling long forms and carrying yet another plastic card. Thatís why, our innovative mobile app based solution works wonderfully for both merchants and customers.

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Why itís the best solution for merchants:

Since last two years, MoMark has been working relentlessly with merchants from diverse business segments, PoS systems and unique set ups. The result is a hyper efficient loyalty program system that meets merchantsí every requirement and is easy enough to be managed by anyone who can switch on a computer.

Takes no time to set up:

You can have your own mobile app based loyalty program today. We need minimal installation at your end and you can do it online in less than an hour. Donít believe us? You can start the program without leaving your chair, give our Online Installation Guide a try.
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Captures data on its own :

Unlike many other reward programs, you donít have to fill forms to enter data, neither paper nor online ones. Our advanced software captures transaction data at the time of billing and needs no manual intervention at all.

The most extensive analytics

How many people have signed up for your reward program? Last week? Last month? Which customers have the highest points? Get incisive data about your customers and engage them in a timely manner. Bring back old customers and retain the new with the power of analytics.
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Monitor, track and redeem with ease

Mo multiple interfaces, no time taking exercises. You can view all your customers and their points status from one interface. We have devised a fullproof coupon redemption system that generates automated vouchers and

Complete control on your loyalty program

MoMark Rewards is the only solution that gives you complete control over your own reward program. Set your own terms and conditions, manage your content from an easy to manage portal, communicate with your customers as and when you want and more. We will be just a phone call away when you need us.
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