Momark, a mobile app that lets you perform GPS Enabled Search for the best results within your reach. Read, write and Share reviews about the stores on the go. Get loyalty and offers as per your GPS location. It offers multiple benefits via single App. Use Momark and Save Money!

Loyalty Programs

GPS-Enabled Search

• Find Stores and businesses on the go
• Address and contact details of the stores
• Driving directions to the store
• Write and Read, Share Store Reviews

Imagine you’re running late and being Monday, your nearby medical store is closed. What will you do? Simple, just search what you need on Momark App. This app will let you search the nearby area based on your GPS position and will let you know about the available options. In fact, if you’re unaware of the area then using your GPS it will provide you with the driving directions.

Get Loyalty & Offers

• Receive loyalty points/ coupon even from your local store
• Track and Redeem loyalty points
• Gift Loyalty points to your friends
• GPS Enabled Offers

Loyalty Points and rewards have been a part of the big brands for quite some time. However, when it comes to your local store where you’re regular customer, such programs don’t exist. This app will let you operate at a local level in similar manner. With this, you can receive loyalty points, coupons and GPS-enabled offers. Redeem and gift points to your friends or dear ones.

Benefits & Rewards

• Receive customized offers
• Manage your loyalty points from different stores via single app
• Collect reward points and shopping accordingly
• Save money by redeeming offers and coupons

This app offers a range of benefits to its users. From getting driving directions to reading reviews, it also helps the customers to maintain a record of their loyalty points from different stores via single app. Manage money by redeeming customized offers based on your purchase list.