MoMark Loyalty and CRM program is really simple to operate and has only a few basic components. This tutorial will give you a broad view as well as take you through every little step that’s needed to set up and manage your loyalty program.

Here is a brief overview of the different sections in the tutorial:

This section takes you though the installation steps for MoMark application. Follow these simple steps and installation will be done in less than an hour.

Introduction to MoMark Magic
MoMark Magic is a simple software that installs on your local system. It captures all transactional data and calculates reward points without interfering with your billing process. It works completely in the background and takes a few minutes to learn. Follow the steps mentioned in the MoMark Magic Tutorial to learn how it works in minutes.

Introduction to Merchant Portal
MoMark’s merchant portal is a web interface to manage your loyalty program, marketing suite and analytics section. You can manage your restaurant listing on the MoMark Rewards App, see reports and do much more from a single interface. You will receive your unique username and password upon signing up for the program. This easy to comprehend Merchant Portal Tutorial takes you through the platform in simple steps.