MoMark Magic- How it works

MoMark Magic is an advanced software that automatically captures all your billing data. This helps you in building your customer database that can later be used for marketing campaigns etc. Here is a brief tutorial on how it works:

Generate Bill

As soon as a bill is generated via your system, the following box pops up. In the empty box to the left, you can see a list of all your pending bills that need to be entered in the MoMark Magic system. The latest bill remains toward the top.

Register a new customer

After selecting a bill from the box in the left and entering the customer’s phone number, you can click on the Register button. Please enter as many customer details as you can in the registration form. This enables you to send customized and targeted communication to the customer later. For example, you can send a birthday offer if you have the customer’s birthday.

Loyalty points and coupon management

Check Loyalty Points Enter the customers mobile number and the red box in top right will show complete customer profile including points available for redemption.

Generate Coupon: You can generate coupons against earned points by clicking on Generate Pts Coupon and opening the pop up. Eneter the mobile number and number of points to redeem. The coupon code will only be sent to customer's mobile number only.

Redeem Coupon: Redeem a coupon by entering the coupon number in the coupon field and click submit.If the coupon  is not valid redemption will not happen and a message will pop up.